Westwood Partners’ Diversity practice was designed to help our clients assess their diversity needs and design a long-term strategy for attracting and retaining diverse candidates. We recognize that fostering an environment of diversity and multi-culturalism is critical to all of our clients, whether it involves competing effectively in their current businesses or expanding into new markets and geographies.

Our goal with each assignment is to identify, attract, and present high-quality diverse candidates. We are sensitive to diversity in all of its forms - thought, ethnicity, gender, generational, sexual orientation, nationality, language, multi-culturalism, physical ability, religion, politics, ideology, etc. We work closely with each client to determine what best fits their unique environment.

We leverage our in-house research and sourcing efforts to recruit candidates from leading companies and professional, academic and community organizations. In addition, we work closely with high-potential diversity candidates to provide them with career guidance and advice on unique opportunities and strategies to accelerate their careers.

For more information please contact  Patricia Muller