Global Reach


Westwood Partners is a uniquely global boutique search firm. 

From its headquarters in New York, Westwood serves clients in North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.  

Through its offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, Westwood covers Greater China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and Australia.  

Westwood's consultants bring a distinctively diverse perspective to every assignment.  There is an unusually large number of countries represented by our origin, nationality, work experience, languages spoken and locations from which we have sourced and placed candidates.

Below is a sample list of countries in which we have been given mandates:  


North America Latin America Asia-Pacific Middle East Europe
*  Canada *  Brazil *  Australia *  Abu Dhabi *  Belgium
*  United States *  Colombia *  China *  Dubai *  Germany
  *  Mexico *  Hong Kong   *  Italy
    *  India   *  Luxembourg
    *  Japan   *  Netherlands
    *  Korea   *  United Kingdom
    *  Malaysia    
    *  Singapore    
    *  Taiwan    
    *  Thailand